Day 4 – Earth Week Challenge

Today's topic is all about FOOD. Who else has mindlessly eaten about a million chicken McNuggets in the past? Well, that ship has sailed... forever!


Thank you Love, as always for being here!

If you thought yesterday's topic was a hard pill to swallow... then some of you are going to have a really tough time with today's topic! Let's not get worked up, let's take a deep breath,  let's not stick our heads in the sand...  

What could be more emotional than a shopping addiction? Basically anything to do with food. And our culture's unhealthy pathology's with foods and the way that food waste is one of the biggest environmental problems on the planet... not to mention the giant fast food chains that seemingly run the world... the industrial sized factory farms that these fast food giants have created (think 20 thousand chickens in a warehouse, 10% of them dying off at 6 months of age due to chronic disease - this is the type of farming I am referring to in this video, I wanted to make that clear for any of my small scale local farmers in the group) 

Food is a big topic and a big problem currently... arguably the biggest problem that we currently face... ​

Who else has mindlessly eaten about a million chicken McNuggets in the past? Well, that ship has sailed... forever! Not just because of the environmental devastation that companies like this are causing but also because of the health implications!

This is a big topic, so it's a bit of a longer video. Please get your earbuds, make your morning tea or breakfast and listen to the information. I apologize for my side tangent about my health journey... but I'm not very good at keeping things to myself.

What is your takeaway from day four?

How did this information make you feel?

What have you been implementing or what are you excited to try? What on your favourite resources how to reduce food waste? Composting? Restorative Farming Practices?

What about diets like... Plant Based, Blue Zone, Whole Foods, Seasonal/Ayurvedic, Vegetarian or Vegan.... what are your favourite Cook Books, Blogs, Information, Programs? What about your favourite nutritionists or restorative/functional doctors? What are your favourite pages, books, brands and channels on this particular topic? Are you into permaculture farming? Restorative farming? Is this all news to you?  Are you excited to implement a "meat free Monday" as a starting point? We are all here to share our resources with each other GUILT FREE

I'd love to use this page a NON- JUDGEMENTAL place that we can all come back to for a wealth of resources on all things around food, diets and food waste, farming and restorative farming practices that will help bring our earth back into balance!

Post your comments, reflections and resources in the comments below

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About the Author Ally

Ally Boothroyd is a yoga educator and meditation teacher with a passion for yoga nidra and the healing power of conscious rest. She is the founder of Sarovara Yoga, a yoga space and women's retreat centre in Ontario, Canada. A sanctuary on the water where she fosters local community and supports health, personal growth, emotional resiliency, authenticity, awareness, and awakening. Ally also leads Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings in Nosara, Costa Rica

  • Kirsten Matheson says:

    Finally commenting on day 4 and 5!!! Better late than never 😊

    I had a hard time posting anything about food… That’s likely why it’s taken be a while. To me food has been a trigger. I’ve dealt with an eating disorder for almost half my life( thankfully I have been healing and 98% better for the last few years) with a love hate relationship with it. Wasting food was no biggie to me because it was different in my mind. I don’t look back I like to look forward. Anyway sorry for the rambling.

    I recently have decided for my own health ( physical and emotional) to cut meat our if my life again. I was vegetarian for over 12 years and to be honest I have no idea why I even started eating meat again? It’s bad for the environment, mean to those beautiful Animals and totally not necessary to sustain life. I want sustainability in my food. I buy organic when I can, really limiting our processed products ( hard because we have 3 smalls kids) and we are getting ready to have our actual real first big vegetable garden!!! I love going to the market with my kids and because of that and the way we eat they love their vegetables… It makes my heart soar whehmn they would rather have cucumber than something packaged.

    Day 5 sustainability.

    What can I do to limit our impact on the environment? I think we do some but there is definitely room for improvement. I make my own hand soaps and scrubs, laundry soap( need to find a better recipe because the one I was using has done a number on our washer) and face serum. Composting is huge around here and I’d love to learn more about permaculture and how to grow things year round. We use disposable diapers…. We tried with cloth for a while but one of my twins lost her shit every time I had to change her bum. It’s bad but I was at a loss on what to do. She would tear them off and say NO!!! Hell hath no fury like an irate toddler… Lol. Luckily we are at the end of our diaper time and can eliminate thya from our waste. I bring all our own bags and produce bag to the grocery store, bring my glass jars to fill up in stores and reuse/repurpose whatever I can. We have a long way to go but we’ve come along way too.

    Thank you so much for all this invaluable information Ally!!! You are one in a million ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  • Rebecca says:

    I always thought that the saying “you are what you eat” was a bit exaggerated but I have come to learn that it is not. Nutrition was a key in my recovery from a brain injury. I learned that corn was no longer a food it was now listed as a chemical. I learned that Canada has the worst food quality in the world. I chose to buy a lot of my food either from local organic farmers, farmers markets or buy foods from other countries. Welch cheese, flour from Italy etc. I grow and make my medicine into tinctures and salves and honey and cook with it. We typically only use olive or coconut oils for cooking. And try to never consume white sugar. It’s hard. We eat very little meat in our house. When I told my kids that 1 piece of beacon was equal to 7 cigarettes when it comes to carcinogens, well they stopped eating beacon. In fact my 17 year old son and my partner are both vegetarian and almost totally plant based. I’m proud of them. As for my daughter and I well we like our chicken lol. My daughter is a highly competitive athlete and needs her protein. She doesn’t like nuts or eggs or seeds so. We keep her on meat for now. I could talk a lot about this topic but I won’t keep you forever lol.
    Thank you Ally ❤️🙏

  • Angel says:

    I am still kinda new to the community. I was happy to recently learn about Molly’s Acres. Its an organic farm right here in Buckhorn (right next to McLean’s Berry farm). They sell seedlings if you want to do your own garden. But the also sell weekly subscriptions for bags/boxes. All organic. All locally grown. All In-Season. And I find them.more affordable than trying to buy organic at the sue market. And… it supports a local business that is trying its best to do the right thing. So, win win win!!!

    Interesting to hear about blood type and food. I will have to look into that too because I am routinely Iron defficient/Anemic even while consuming meat products. Thanks for all the info here on day 4. I admit, there is lots of room for growth in this area of my life.

  • Sarah S says:

    This is a topic I could
    go on foreverrrr about so I’ll keep it sweet & simple by sharing one of my favourite documentaries with you.

    ROTTEN is a 6 episode documentary series which focuses on food growers and how corporations are distorting what we eat. (I’m actually shocked they were able to narrow this down to only 6 episodes)

    This series goes beyond showing you where our food comes from, but explores the corruption that dominates our existing food system. These big food companies are not only providing consumers with a lower quality product, exploiting their workers, chasing out their competitors (global and local), squashing some of the smaller farms and businesses trying to survive but also influencing our government. Greed gets away with so much and the result ends up impacting our health and our planet.

    The choices you make matter in a way that is so much bigger than just you and your plate.

    When you eat right and stay away from processed foods you consume 1/3 the amount of food not to mention greatly reduce, if not eliminate the carbon footprint associated with packing, chemical production, and health issues.

    And to all the skeptics that say it’s ‘just another documentary using ‘scare tactics’ to try and convince you to go vegan’ ..don’t even 🤚🏼 just do your research.
    I’ve been happily vegetarian for 6 years, and a vegan for about a year and a half and feeling SO GOOD both mentally and physically.

    My other fav documentaries:
    Food choices
    What the health
    Food Inc

    Whether you’re wanting to change up your diet, trying to be more conscious of what you’re consuming, or you’re trying to go vegan and need an extra push/information – WATCH ONE OF THESE DOCUMENTARIES! I guarantee it will have you rethinking what you put into your body.

  • Pam says:

    I started reading The Plant Paradox by Dr Steven Gundry. Trying to stay away from Lectins and just bought grass fed beef through a new local service in our community called Homegrown Hamper. Dr Gundry recommends cooking with an Instant Pot to kill the Lectins in some foods. But it doesn’t work for grains or grain finished meats. Tomatoes, potatoes, beans… these kind of vegetables are best in it apparently.
    My son just moved out so I find it easier now to cook, and eat what I like instead of trying to keep him happy. I cut out bread and use a cookbook called The No Grain Baker, written by a local woman. Great recipes using almond flour, ground flax, coconut flour and psyllium instead of wheat flour. Use coconut oil for these recipes too.
    We have a great cheese factory in our community so that is hard to resist, but that is about the only dairy I eat.
    Wash all my fruit and vegetables with vinegar and water or baking soda in water to remove pesticide residue if I can’t find organic. Can’t remember where I picked up that tip, and not sure it actually works but better than nothing!

    • Ally says:

      Hey Pam, I’m doing a lectin cleanse right now (long story but I went overboard with certain things like cashews and I paid for it dearly!) and I would love to check out that book!!! Very cool and thank you for sharing!! (I just love bread and I would love to be able to eat it without destroying my gut wall!!) Thanks for this tip 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Ally you are so brave for sharing something so real. Thank you. I’m so sorry for your loss, but you are so empowering for trying to find the positive in it all.
    I love the topic of food 🙂 I eat mostly plant-based, started for me about 6 months after my daughter was born. It took watching many documentaries and educating myself but it finally stuck. I still fall off the wagon sometimes with dairy (cheese is so addicting!!) but I feel sooo much better when I don’t eat animal products. And Ally I can so relate to not being on the same page as your partner with your food. My husband still eats meat, but he cooks it if he wants it. I do most of the cooking now as I’m home more than he is so I just try to make things I know he will enjoy as well as being nourishing and filling, and just try to lead by example.
    Just wanted to share some resources for those of you who are looking for some motivation.
    Documentaries: Forks Over Knives, Food Inc, Cowspiracy, Rotten (Netflix), PurePlant Nation (YouTube).
    YouTube video that I highly suggest: The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear.
    Podcast: The Plant Proof Podcast. Simon is very informative and is all about the research.
    Books: The China Study, Whole, How Not To Die.
    Website: (by Dr. Greger, author of How Not to Die, if you’re looking for something in particular, like “are avocados healthy” he analyzes all the studies on a subject and pieces the info together). He also puts together quick, informative videos on youtube if you’re interested.

    • Ally says:

      Thank you Laura 🙂 and yes… husbands can be a real stick in the mud about plant based living lol… it’s ok though. He makes major compromises for me all of the time so I have to be willing to do the same some times! I’m so super excited about all of the resources that you shared!!! Thank you so much for your dedication to the challenge and being such a wealth of information for us all!! Oxoxox

  • Sacha says:

    This is an interesting topic for me with so much to unpack. Growing up my mom invested a lot of time into nutrition so while other kids were eating pudding cups, I was munching on carrot sticks and granola, learning about probiotics and antioxidants. And then when I was a teenager, she led us all into a vegetarian lifestyle.
    It wasn’t nearly as tasty as it is now. No creative blogs to draw inspiration from or Copper Branches to dine at. I was vegetarian for 10 years…and then I met my husband. I can relate to the conflict different food opinions can have. Now it seems like we swing back and forth depending on who has the most energy to take on the food chores/groceries/cooking. Because like you with your in-laws…if I come home after a busy day of work or yoga training and he has put the effort into preparing me dinner…I say thank you.❤️
    I have thrown out any concept of perfection out the window. I try to eat lots of plants and mostly unprocessed foods. I love Michael Pollans books and philosophies on food. And Anthony William (the medical medium) is fascinating.
    For vegan restaurants i also love the Copper Branch and if you are ever in Durham…you have to eat at Matilda’s. Yum. I’ll join you. 😘
    Sorry to hear about your loss, Ally. Your bravery and vulnerability are an inspiration. Sending you my love.

    • Ally says:

      Thank you for sharing Sacha and thank you for the restaurant recommendations!!! Yes, I am one of those people that “doesn’t like to be a pain” and I just feel grateful when someone goes out of their way to cook something for me even if deep down I feel anxious about the health/environmental impacts. It’s not super often so I just have to try not to get myself all worked up about it. Recently I’ve been much more chilled out about it. I just kinda felt like an A-hole when I’d refuse certain foods at family gatherings (and I’d get called out and picked on by people as well) so…. I do the best I can in my own home and I hang out with other people who like to eat for the planet and for their health as much as I can 🙂

  • Candice Milroy says:

    Balance and honesty are the most helpful to me. We eat mostly vegetarian. We talk about how different foods make each of us feel and try to eat less of what makes us feel bad and more of what makes us feel good. And sometimes getting our favourite pizza on the way home feels best Because it allows more time together doing other things or honours my emotional need to NOT do one more thing.

    By honesty I mean that I try to be honest about it. Packaging, local foods, organic …. I don’t get it right every time and I try to let that go and renew my resolve to do better.

    Anxiety and/or a lack of joy about food because we are so worked up about all this is also damaging to our health. Enjoy more.

    We work toward celebrating the flavours of food and the experience of eating and cooking together as often as possible. We almost always eat together but we don’t always celebrate the cooking or the flavours. Lol But it is a great goal.

    Using leftovers, composting and feeding our backyard chickens the good stuff, growing a big garden full of food, Seed saving, and sharing, Starting seeds inside. Re-establishing our relationship with food, teaching our children these things……and now I am on a rant.

    Thanks for sharing all parts of your journey Ally, life is not Facebook highlights. 🌎❤️


    • Ally says:

      I love this reflection Candice (and by the way, Julia showed me the Green Team’s awesome letter to the stores today!!! So great) I love everything that you shared. Such a balanced approach. I love cooking as a celebration, the food is more healthful that way 🙂 I’m so hoping to get my garden going again this year (I used to have a massive garden before the yoga studio renovation) and I would love to eventually share seeds with you!!! Ox and yes… I like to keep it real around here…. lol

  • Angie says:

    The topic of food is a tough one for sure. Baby steps and more often than I care to admit its 1 step forward 2back. The things that seem to stick are shopping the farmers market first than going to other shops to get the things I couldn’t at the market. This helps with seasonal eating for sure. I also choose organic whenever possible. I like the Buddhist chef for easy vegan recipes. Love to you Ally 💓💓💓

  • Lisa Delahaye says:

    Some my fav YouTube podcasts I listen to are The Model Health Show & Dr. Pharmacy with Dr. Mark Hyman.
    This is such valuable information.
    I’m working on transitioning certain aspects of my nutrition, making better choices for overall health and wellness.
    Thank you so much Ally for being so passionate in these areas and to everyone for contributing great resources.🙏🏼

    • Ally says:

      Thank you Lisa!!! I’m excited about Dr. Hyman right now on my journey towards health… I suspect that my issues are thyroid/gut related so he’s a great wealth of knowledge on some of these issues. I’m determined to come back into balance/health 🙂 Thanks for sharing your resources!! Ox

  • Sarah says:

    So sorry for your loss ally!

    Thanks for approaching this subject with grace, respect + intention! Food comes with a lot of baggage. My whole world is food + nutrition and it can be empowering and overwhelming at the same time.
    One thing I’ve learned from working with others in nutrition, is that no one diet fits all. I’ve worked with vegans who are superheroes and feel amazing. I’ve worked with vegans who do all the right things to support their health, and they have tooth decay and are loosing hair.

    I’m totally not for eating one diet. I am all about intuitive eating, no labels and fuelling our bodies in a way that is right for us.

    Personally, I’ve been a vegetarian for 17 years, I go through big cheese moods, used to live off eggs for years but developed an allergy recently. I feel good this way. I’ve never liked meat, and I am healthy and feel good without it. Some people feel very ill on a plant based diet (interesting is researching the blood type way of eating! I’m a+ which is the “vegetarian”, some are more paleo, etc)
    But in this world (esp with Instagram) everyone is telling you what to eat, not to eat, etc and that’s overwhelming. I think we all need to stay in our own lane!

    I strive to eat local, organic when possible (dirty dozen), and no or limited processed foods.

    I find eating healthy and using all the yummy things like coconut oil/coconut butter/avocado oil/ etc complicated because, environmentally, it’s not the most sustainable. So how do we bridge the gap between eating for our bodies, feeling good etc and eating sustainably? Eating more simply I guess!

    It’s a balance, like anything else.
    I also have a lot of feelings about the demonizing certain foods (even vegetables or fruit) that is occurring these days, because really, it’s such a huge privilege to be able to choose what we eat, cook and even buy food!

    So I am rambling but I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about food/nutrition. But in terms on sustainability, there’s a lot to unpack and talk about how food intersects health and sustainability.
    Excited to read all the comments on this one!

    Oh! fav plant based recipes/nutritionists is Meghan telpner (she’s incredible!).. I did her culinary nutrition program and it was brilliant! She has lots
    Of well written blog
    Posts on many subjects and focuses on evidence based research!

    I’ll add more recipe / food inspiration later when I have time!

    • Sacha says:

      Sarah, I agree with so many of your comments. Well said. ❤️

    • Ally says:

      Omgosh, thank you for this Sarah!!! I too feel the same about so many of the things you’ve said. I’m getting some tests done soon and I’m interested to see what I find out. I love eating a full plant diet but in the past when I’ve gone several months (like 6-10 straight) without any animal products I start fainting (not normal for me) so I am interested to find out what my tests will show me, but I suspect that I might be one of those who has to occasionally eat a small amount of animal products… we will see… I deep down don’t want that to be true because of a lot of reasons… but what I know for sure is that the more greens/whole foods I eat, the better I feel…. I also now know that I am not someone who can tolerate large quantities of peanuts or cashews lol…. Oh jeez. It’s great that our bodies really do give us so much feedback if we pay close attention.

  • Chris Cordy says:

    Happy Day Four.
    I subscribe to a mostly plant based diet. Since making the decision to forgo almost all animal products my health has improved, I have more energy and my mind is clearer.
    I am also happy to not be contributing to the industrialized misery that is the mainstream meat business.
    I’m going to post a few easy delicious recipes from blogs that I follow and/or Maggie has pointed me to that are staples for me:
    This last one I take to every pot luck at my tennis club (vegan blueberry scones). Now that they have tasted these people start asking me weeks in advance of any pot luck if I will be bringing these – to say they are popular with non vegans is an understatement!

    • Sacha says:

      Yum! Those recipes look amazing. I can’t wait to try the sushi bowl. What a brilliant idea!

    • Ally says:

      Thank you so much for all of these amazing recipes mom!!! You are the best! FYI – growing up, all my friends were jealous of my moms cooking!!! she was THAT mom 🙂

  • Jamie says:

    Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and insight. Each day I am inspired by your truth about your family dynamic during changes in lifestyle because this is a big topic in our home. I’m excited to read any resources people have on permaculture. We are so fortunate to have land and this is something I’d like to get into. There’s nothing quite like a plate full (or mostly full) of food grown right at home!

    • Ally says:

      Hey Jamie!! I might get Alexa or Tiina to chime in about permaculture, they are both super passionate about this and live on a permaculture farm near by (off grid in tiny homes!! They are earth goddesses!)

  • Dani says:

    Thanks everyone for all of these valuable resources into this massive topic, and for keeping a positive outlook on the whole thing 🙂 We all love to garden in the summer, but what about all year round? At least a small plot for our fresh salad greens, root veggies, etc.

    In doing some initial reading, it seems you don’t need to go to the huge, expensive, of a full-on, heated greenhouse in your backyard. Alternatively, cold frames are an interesting project that I may try at home. More information on permaculture and cold frames:

    Also, today is a great opportunity to plug our local farmers market which starts in May, and of course the surrounding markets of Fenelon, Minden, Halliburton, etc.

  • Lyndele Gauci says:

    For years I was a pescatarian. I wasn’t very good at it, however: I ate a lot of soy and fake meat. I became anaemic. I discovered I have an iron deficiency and no matter what I did with food and supplements, I couldn’t get my iron levels to a safe level. Sooooo I started eating meat again. Then I became paleo and did that for a few years. This was at a time where I was working out a lot and had significant weight loss. But, this also was not sustainable for me. Again, I learned at a very young age unhealthy eating habits from my mum: the diet culture is strong with that one! And unfortunately this psychosis has plagued me and my sister (who developed an eating disorder at a very young age). So i’m now, happily, at a place with my food, where I do my very best to feed my body (and my child’s) with wholesome food. I mainly purchase my fruit and veg from farmers markets, and have recently started purchasing any meat from local farmers too. We have veggie Monday’s n vegan Friday’s. I cook meat 1-2x a week. I live off of leftovers (scottish, Can’t waste food!) I will always struggle with very low iron, my body simply cannot absorb it, but taking an iron supplement and pro/prebiotics helps! I recently purchased Vegan Cookbook for Beginners, from Rockridge Press. The 1st 40 pgs discuss history, health and a how to guide to becoming vegan. Very simple recipes and even a meal plan is included! I too struggle with inflammation, which I’ve recently discovered: when I reduce my bread intake there is a noticeable difference in my pain! Ive also recently given up refined sugar and alcohol (lapsed on the sugar front this past week) . I want to end with a quick response to our “diet culture “: I HATE the word diet. This is a personal issue going back to what I mentioned earlier. I also feel there is great power in language, and if we start practicing using different language it can have great benefits and release guilt around food. I prefer the use of the words “lifestyle” and “meals” to showcase how I feed my body. 😉 I would love to eat seasonally, buuuuuut this is also not sustainable at this time in my life. Eating organic is about half of our food intake tho, and that’s a significant jump inv the last 3 years (since having not child … funny that!)

    • Ally says:

      Thank you Lyndele for your open hearted, transparent sharing in this challenge. You are a gem. I also used to not love the word diet… I kinda changed my mindset around it though and now just consider it to be a word that describes food that I eat as opposed to some of the negative ways I used to view the word…. it used to give me a yucky feeling in the past… I’m experiencing some “diet” related health issues at the moment and am going to be getting some tests done so hopefully I will know more soon… I suspect it’s something similar to your inability to absorb iron (only different lol) and I definitely believe my issue is thyroid/hormone related… we shall see what happens….

  • Kelly Solotarow says:

    Ally, I’m very sorry for the loss you and your family has suffered. 🙏❤️ My heart goes out to you!! I know this all too well as chemo did a lot of damage to my system and we are unable to have any more.
    Since having cancer, I have made some changes to what I eat. I was never big on sugar, but I can’t eat beef from the store any more. It actually makes me sick, so I have contacted an old family friend and am now getting local beef that isn’t fed any antibiotics and stuff the animals shouldn’t be eating. This way I can still have my meat and not put the chemicals and stuff into my body that my body is rejecting.
    I use Ukon – turmeric, which is grown and cleaned using my water which helps keep all the nutrients in the turmeric, instead of washing them away. Turmeric is amazing for reducing inflammation in the body as well as drinking electrolyzed reduced water. This water is the strongest antioxidant in the world. My body was full of inflammation, on so many pills to be able to walk with 1 cane on most days. Other days I had to use 2 canes or even crutches. Reducing the inflammation was the biggest struggle I had until last year when I made this change.
    With the organic fruits and vegetables that we buy, they still have pesticides and stuff on them to be able to ship them to our country or get them to ripen on route to the stores. Oil and water don’t mix so any attempt at washing these chemicals off has not worked. My water actually has a high alkaline water that will emulsify oils. All the stuff that we shouldn’t be eating is washed off and the food actually tastes like it’s grown in a garden at home instead of bought from a store.

    • Ally says:

      Your health journey is super inspiring Kelly… it’s amazing how far you’ve come from where you were not even that long ago!!! You are on one amazing path aren’t you? I’m excited to see where you continue to go on this journey 🙂

  • Jodie Mulder says:

    Food is a struggle for sure
    Loved your wealth of knowledge
    I struggle as I work crazy long hours so I do a lot of grab and go foods… which aren’t always healthy
    It’s a work in progress
    But it’s a struggle
    With three children they don’t love to eat all the healthy foods offered either… that means cooking several meals for one dinner
    I am a pescatarian although it’s a struggle lately even to eat fish but I do love my eggs still
    No red meat, pork or chicken for over 12 years
    But it’s easy for me as I don’t digest those items… they actually make me sick immediately so it wasn’t an environmental give up… it was a feel better give up
    Bread items are the hardest as they’re easy grab and go

    Another restaurant I recommend is the planet and by the bridge in Peterborough

    There’s a new sustainable butcher shop opened in east city in Peterborough so that’s exciting

    Ally I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage they’re so hard but great attitude about the learning from the purpose

    Loving this challenge

    • Ally says:

      Thank you for this reflection Jodie!!! Yes, on the go is so hard! And feeding picky kids is also hard!!! You’re doing such a great job and I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the challenge 🙂

  • Liz says:

    Sending comfort and peace. I think it is powerful you shared that, as women it gives hope to be open and supportive around this topic for one another, as we are never alone.
    The past year has been a curious journey with my diet and I have the same struggles with differences my husband. We are also on a strict budget so finding more sustainable meat options can be a bit trickier. I try to mindfully make informed choices based on our current needs, my family’s health and how certain foods make me feel. I personally don’t like identifying to a certain diet. Some weeks I can’t afford to budget for organic farm eggs, others I just may opt out of eating meat for a few days and stick with buddha bowls. But then I give into the chicken wing cravings! I have always had digestion issues and have recently been informed about FODmaps. Even the healthiest of “diets” may cause my digestion and energy to get out of whack. So I think it’s important to tune into your body using mindful choices for eating, balance, while trying to make more sustained decisions. I am definitely looking into your Lectin ideas as well!

    What the Health and Cooked on Netflix are great!! Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan is quite the fascinating book also, of the effects of food and diets on mental health. I find the fact that these large pro health support organizations for cancer and disease are basically funded by the same food companies, known to contain disease causing ingredients. Really makes you think twice.
    Slow progresses but as long as their is momentum 🙂
    Thanks Ally!

    • Liz says:

      The book, Gut by Giulia Enders also explores the link between Gut Brain connections and health 🙂

      • Liz says:

        Oh lastly TruLocal, meat delivery service! I haven’t used them yet but have heard amazing things from friends. They provide sustainable, locally raised (Ontario), organic grass fed meats.

        • Ally says:

          Liz!! Thanks for this reflection and all of these resources!!! I will check them out for sure!!! Also if you are interested in learning more about cleansing from lectins for a while (it heals the gut) you can check out Dr. Gundry (Plant Paradox, Longevity Paradox) he also has a Youtube Channel and Podcast! 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    I’m so sorry about the loss of your pregnancy Ally. That’s rough. My goal with pretty much everything in my life is to do what I can do. Even little steps..moving forward. Instead of cutting everything not perfect out of my diet, I increase veggie intake. I buy organic when I can. I had started to watch the show “Rotten” on netflix and became so depressed, i stopped. I just try to do positive things and hope they outweigh the bad.

    • Ally says:

      I haven’t watched that one yet Lisa, I have a feeling that it will cause trouble between me and my husband though lol… most food documentaries do!!! I will watch it one of these days though…. Yes… baby steps is my motto and when I look back over years and years of baby steps… it’s a completely different, more mindful lifestyle that is making a much smaller footprint on this earth 🙂

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